Start Business in Taiwan

Course Goal

After the class, you will learn:
1. Taiwan's industrial environment and consumer habit of the market
2. Legal matters concerning foreigners starting a business in Taiwan
3. Entrepreneurship resources in Taiwan

Course Overview

【Course Introduction】

This course will explain and introduce "How to start a business in Taiwan" from three aspects. 
1. Market: Introduction to the market environment and consumers of entrepreneurship in Taiwan 
2. Legal: Introduction to relevant laws and regulations and basic rules for entrepreneurship in Taiwan 
3. Resources: Government official resources and private related resources which will help for startups.


Edison Hsueh / Business Deputy Director from STARTBOARD 


Course Content
  • 1. Taiwan's industry view and startups environment
  • 2. Startup trends and resources in Taiwan
  • 3. Taiwan Startups Case study
2021-09-06 ~
1 hr
All Levels
Course Skill
Business Planning