Working In Taiwan

Course Goal

After the class, you will learn:
1. Working culture in Taiwan
2. Skills for job-seeking in Taiwan
3. New scoring criteria and enterprise standards

Course Overview

【Course Introduction】

Are you curious about the working culture in Taiwan, or whether you fulfill the criteria to stay in Taiwan? This course will walk you through all of it, as the first lecture will talk to you about the working culture, resume writing and interview techniques in Taiwanese workplace, while the second lecture will specifically focus on the regulations and standards that are required for you to stay and work in Taiwan in the future. 

【Course Time】

Online Learning 1 hour


Ida Huang, Yen Ting Yu / NEX Foundation Speakers

Willy Hu / Marketing Deputy Director of STARTBOARD


Course Content
  • Introduction on Taiwan's Work Culture, Resume Writing and Interview Skills
  • Things you need to know before working in Taiwan
2021-09-06 ~
1 hr
All Levels
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