What is Branding? Marketing-Real-World Case Studies

Course Goal

After the class, you will learn:
1. All stakeholders in the company holds the role of the brand's ambassador
2. Learn how to analyze marketing cost and calculate MROI to help with future marketing strategies
3. Heighten your awareness, internalize what you see and experience to upgrade your work results and deliverables

Course Overview

【Course Introduction】

This class shares a few concept regarding Branding, with practical examples of how to set marketing plans. using case studies such as behind the scenes of how a world-class music label localizes it's strategies for their international artists, to know the roles of Marketing. Know that marketing has the responsibility to maintain a company's brand vision and mission, and many times have to be able to save the day. Branding means that all stakeholders in the company, hold an important role to protect the brand. A good marketer will try to heighten their sensitivity to their environment and develop creative strategies to strengthen brand presence in the market.


Lynn Yan / BigByte Education Project Manager

Course Content
  • 1. Introduction and Case Study: International Marketing Planning
  • 2. Case Study: Marketing X AnR
  • 3. Case Study: Brand Health Check
  • 4. Case Study: Brand Expansions
2021-09-06 ~
2 hr
All Levels
Course Skill
Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing