2022 TCA Program Prerequisite Course-International Student

Course Goal

This prerequisite course will prepare you for the upcoming internship!

Listen to our TCA instructor sharing his own Taiwan experiences, past TCA trainees sharing their TCA journey, and we too provide various resources on resume writing and self-studying Chinese! We will provide a concise yet complete program briefing PPT for you to guide you through our application process!

Course Overview

【Course Time】

March 21st (Mon.)  till April 27th 2022 (Wed at 5:00pm)


【Course Objective】

For those International or overseas Chinese students who would like to attend the TCA International Student Training & Internship program to know better about this program training mechanism, application regulation, application portal and important information being a trainee. 


【Trainee Eligibility】

International students and oversea Chinese students who currently studying in Taiwan's higher education institutes; students from mainland China, Macao or Hong Kong are not eligible for this program.

All program participant must hold an alien residence certificate (ARC) and international student work permit. 
*Work permit can be applied through your university. 

NOTE: In order to successfully sign up for the TCA Training & Internship Program, students must complete this Prerequisite Course and enter your course certificate number on the application portal in order to complete your application. Hence, when you register on the application portal, it will automatically register a TCA Academy account for you and send you an account activation email. Please complete this prerequisite course using that same account (with your valid school email address). If you choose to use a different account, the application portal will NOT be able to identify if you complete the prerequisite or not, thus might cause applicants NOT being able to submit you application successfully. 

Course Content
  • 2022 TCA Program Prerequisite Course Chapter Introduction
  • Chapter 1. 2022 Student Application Guide
  • Chapter 2. Introduction to TCA Program and Experience Sharing
  • Chapter 3. Foreigners in Taiwan
  • Chapter 4. Resume Writing and Interview Skills in Taiwanese Workplaces
  • Chapter 5. Self-study Mandarin and Learning Resources Sharing
  • Final: How to submit your Completion Certificate Number
2022-03-01 ~ 2022-04-27
2 hr
All Levels