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Course Goal

1. Understand the basic topics of communication in Chinese
2. Understand the basic context of socializing in Taiwan

Course Overview

【About Course】

Host Jacob and his partner, Mr. Sweet’O Potato will teach the basic greetings in Mandarin, to help foreigners overcome the initial difficulties in the Chinese environment. It can be the first step towards the Taiwanese community! This series includes a total of 8 videos, each 5-7 minutes, in a total of about 1 hour.

【Course Time】

Online Learning 1 hour

【Target Audience】

Those who wish to know more about Taiwan society as well as those who are finding opportunities to work, study or start a business in Taiwan.

【Course Material Source – by TaiwanPlus】

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  • Legit Mando from TaiwanPlus
2022-06-27 ~
1 hr
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