Social Marketing & Instagram:The Keys to Becoming an Influencer

Course Goal

After the class, you will learn:
1. Basic concepts of Marketing
2. Fundamentals of Social Marketing
3. Introduction, practice, management, and data analysis of Instagram
4. How to become an influencer

Course Overview


Social marketing is promoting services or products through the use of social media or tools. Nowadays it has become a necessary skill in many fields. It comes in various channels, and strategies vary on the industry and your target audience. In 2020s, Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world, and many companies or brands use it as their prior promoting channels. The ability to manage Instagram is getting more important.

【Course Time】

Online Learning 2 hours


Nax Han 韓宇軒

  • Chimei Hospital, Medical Doctor
  • Chinese Internet Marketing Teacher Association, Marketing Lecturer
  • Exotica Studio, Sexual Education Lecturer

Course Content
  • Chapter 1: Marketing Basics
  • Chapter 2: Social Marketing
  • Chapter 3: IG: Introduction
  • Chapter 4: IG: Account Setting
  • Chapter 5: IG: Management
  • Chapter 6: IG: Analytics
  • Chapter 7: Take home message
  • Chapter 8: Example
2022-06-20 ~
2 hr
All Levels
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