Introduction to Data Science with R (2)

Course Goal

After the class, you will learn:
1. Environment establishment
2. R packages installation
3. Know the basic R language
4. R basic data type
5. Statistical analysis
6. Data visualization

Course Overview


R language is a widely used programming language. In addition to the famous statistical analysis, it also has excellent drawing ability and can present various statistical data in the form of graphs. In addition, R language is also used in the fields of data analysis, data mining and artificial intelligence calculation. It is a multi-faceted programming language. 

In the course, you will be guided from the basics to construct the computing environment and installation packages. And basic logic explanations, the theory and practice are paralleled with guided teaching and case explanations and sharing.

【Course Time】

Online Learning 2 hours


Josh YU / Providence University, Department of Food and Nutrition

Course Content
  • Chapter 1: Statistical Analysis
  • Chapter 2: Data Visualization
  • Chapter 3: Correlation Prediction
2022-06-19 ~
2 hr
All Levels
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