Martech Ecosystem

Course Goal

After the class, you will learn:
1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
2. Understand different players' roles in the ecosystem, and what kind of technology they provide
3. Have a basic idea about the business model of different types martech companies
4. Have better idea about whether or not students would like to choose martech as a career

Course Overview


As the boundry of online and offline is getting blurry, marketers nowadays must possess the capability of using different digital marketing tools. Besides google and facebook, there are many more players in this ecosystem. The purpose of this course is to help students or those who are interested in building a career or simply wanting to know more about digital marketing. The course includes fundamental knowledge of most common digital marketing tools / platforms that will help you navigate through the complex ecosystem.

【Course Time】

Online Learning 2 hours


Alex Lin / Head of Sales (Crescendo Lab)

Course Content
  • Chapter 1: Martech Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Advertising Technology
  • Chapter 3: Details on Martech
2022-06-20 ~
2 hr
All Levels
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