2022 TCA Compulsory Workshop: Session 2 (7/27, 8/3)

Course Goal

Equip trainees with relevant digital skills and international exposure for current internship and future employment opportunities.

Course Overview

※Courses will be available by July 8th

【About Course】

This course is a compulsory, 2 day workshop for 2022 Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA) Program, which aims to equip trainees with relevant digital skills and international exposure for current internship and future employment opportunities. 

For this year's course, we will provide multiple international talent training topics such as Self Position, Soft Skill Needed to Work in the International Workplace, and also a special Cloud Quest course hosted by Amazon Web Service (AWS)! We are proud to announce a partnership with AWS to incorporate the latest AWS Cloud Quest in our compulsory workshop. 

*AWS Cloud Quest is the first and only role-playing game to help you build in-demand AWS Cloud skills. Collect gems and earn points as you build real solutions inside a live AWS environment! 


【Target Students】

2022 Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA) Program Trainees
*For both “International Student Training & Internship” and “Taiwanese Talent International Internship” Program 


【Date & Time】

Our compulsory workshop will be separated into two sessions:


Day 1 (Physical Event @ Taipei)


Day 2 (Online Event)


Session 1July 26 (Tue) Aug 2 (Tue)
Session 2July 27 (Wed)Aug 3 (Wed)

Each trainee is required to attend ONE session only. 

Please be punctual for both days and enter the venue/online meeting room by 8:45 am. Attendance will be taken and those who failed to show up will be seen as absentees. 

※Trainees who couldn't make it for the online course on that day will need to get approval from instructor from Training Institution, and have your Training Institution report absence list of students to TCA Program Office. Absentees are still expected to complete the course and submit the assignment by August 31 before 12 noon. 


【Completion Certificate】

From Sep 1 (Thur) onwards, TCA Program Office will review your online course participation and will rate your assignment. For those of you who have completed the course, and your assignment have met course requirements, we will issue a completion certificate by Sep 15. 

Course Content
  • Pre-Course Questionnaire
  • Course Information
  • Day 1 (7/27) Morning: 08:45-12:00
  • Day 1 (7/27) Afternoon: 13:00-16:00
  • Day 2 (8/3) Morning: 08:45-12:00
  • Day 2 (8/3) Afternoon: 13:00-16:00
2022-07-01 ~ 2022-11-30
12 hr
All Levels
Course Skill