Super UX/UI 101!

Course Goal

1. Understand the actual workflow of UX/UI
2. Learn the basics of Design Thinking
3. Practice UX/UI techniques from idea to production
4. Determine the possibility of further learning or employment"

Course Overview

【Course Introduction】

This course provides foundational design konwledge required for professional UX/UI designers. It helps students who want to enter this field to build a solid foundation. This course is easy to follow, starting from understanding the industry, software development process, design thinking model, design exercises, to discovering more learning resources. With or without design background, you can understand core UX/UI skillset through this course. This course is made by the UNBLOCK team, a design education platform consists of senior and gloabl design professionals.

【Course Time】

Online Learning 4 hours


1. George: George has been working in product design and technology for the past ten years, serving as a lead or senior designer in companies such as Google, Amazon, Noba, Driveway...etc. Now, George's mission is give back to the Chinese-speaking design community by establishing Unblock, a design education platform started on Youtube.

2. Hsinyu: Hsinyu Kuo is UX & Service designer at a digital agency based in Vancouver Canada. Her design practices across big tech, startups and social sectors. Outside of her day job, she is also a content creator on Youtube: Unblock and IG: kuosdesign. As a designer, she is motivated by creating positive impacts on society.

3.Blair: Blair is a product designer currently at Cisco. After gaining her Master’s in Information Science at the University of Michigan, she has been building the UX community for aspiring UX designers and been providing pro bono career consulting since 2020. Blair’s previous experience focused on quantitative research methods and UX design.

Course Content
  • Chapter 1: Welcome to UX/UI 101!
  • Chapter 2: What does UX/UI look like in the real world?
  • Chapter 3: Design Fundamentals for UX/UI designer
  • Chapter 4: The First Diamond: Discover & Define
  • Chapter 5: Let’s Define the Design Direction
  • Chapter 6: Second Diamond: Let’s Design
  • Chapter 7: Deliver User-centric Designs
  • Chapter 8: Good Resources for More Learning
2022-08-30 ~
3 hr
All Levels
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