Taking Your First Step into the U.S. Workforce

Course Goal

1. Get to know the overview of the U.S. workforce.
2. Learn the know-how about building proper resume and interview tips for U.S. companies.
3. Understand about English communication and expression culture.
4. Get to know common tools used in the U.S.

Course Overview

【Course Time】

Online Learning 1 hours


【Course Objective】

Help Taiwanese youths who would like to explore their career in the United States workforce to take their first steps on knowing the basic of U.S. workplaces and prepare for job application and interviews. 

Course Content
  • First Step: Entering U.S. Workforce
  • Second Step: Understand the Communication Style
  • Third Step: Common Management Tools used in US Workforce
2021-05-25 ~
1 hr
All Levels
Course Skill