To the Next Destination-Taiwan

Course Goal

1. Knowing trending industrial topics in Taiwan
2. Getting basic knowledge about entering Taiwan
3. Finding useful resources for new business, job hunting, education opportunity

Course Overview

【About Course】
Knowing what is trending in Taiwanese industry and find yourself work or study opportunities to settle down in Taiwan.


【Target Students】

Those who wish to know more about Taiwan industrial environment and society as well as those who are finding opportunities to work, study or start a business in Taiwan. 


【Course Material Source】

All the course videos are produced by Talent Circulation Alliance sponsored by Industrial Development Bureau under Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Talent Circulation Alliance (TCA) is a public-private partnership that facilitates the circulation of talent between Taiwan and like-minded partners, with the goal of cultivating a deep pool of capable, internationally-integrated, and digitally savvy professionals. It was founded as a partnership between AIT and the Taiwan Authorities, including the Industrial Development Bureau under Ministry of Economic Affairs, and is implemented by the Institute for the Information Industry. The TCA was officially announced on April 16, 2019 at the U.S.-Taiwan Women’s Economic Empowerment Summit.

TCA provides international training and internship programs to get international-integrated students to get ready for international settings of workforce, urges Taiwanese talent mobility worldwide, and brings in international talent to Taiwan. TCA also spotlights and sponsors partners who accelerate the circulation and cultivation of talented workers between Taiwan, the USA, and other like-minded economies. By providing support, partnership-building, and advocacy for our partners, the TCA amplifies the activities of organizations who are driving talent circulation today.

Course Content
  • Trending Taiwan
  • Landing in Taiwan
2021-06-03 ~
1 hr
All Levels
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